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Images - Advanced Physics Equipment - Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus
Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus has been upgraded for increased performance and convenience, and includes a permanently- installed video camera on the observing microscope, digital readouts for the capacitor voltage and timer, and an 8 inch monitor for observation and control.
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Spectrum Scientifics
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The charged drops’ accurate location and the light color of the silicone oil make the drops easy to locate and capture - alleviates a common problem with many Millikan apparatus designs. Oil drops generally carry fewer electronic charges than the latex spheres sometimes used. This makes the analysis histogram easier to interpret.

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The measuring chamber arrangement consists of the capacitor chamber with a double illuminator and observation hole which is built into the side wall, and two outer acrylic chambers.This unit comes in a sturdy metal case, and includes silicone oil, an atomizer, a dropper for filling the oil, and a full operator’s manual.The microscope and camera is uesd to  measurement  precise and ease  and there is  illuminator consists two bright red LED which will reflected and the light is readily to detected by the camera

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