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Images - 3D Printers  - Wasp Delta Turbo 3D Printer
Introducing the Wasp 4070 Delta Turbo 3D Printer, the largest and fastest 3D Printers in the American market! With a maximum speed of 600 mm.s, a massive print volumeof 854 liters, and extremem accuracy and many unique features
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Spectrum Scientifics
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General Information

The Wasp 4070 is a world-class preciusion engineered machine, suitable for all of the print jobs that other machines just can't do.

Product DescriptionTechnical SpecificationMechanicsApplication
Variable Speed and Temp DURING print
*Resurrection System: In the event of the loss of power, or the need to move your 3D printer mid-print arises, you can simply turn the machine off. When you turn the machine back on, you will be able to restart the print just where it left off!
  • Layer resolution: 0.05 > 0.25 mm
  • Precision: X-Y 0.05 / Z 0.01 mm
  • Print speed: 250 / turbo 400 mm/s
  • Move: 6.000 / turbo 10.000 mm/s2
  • Travel speed: 150 / turbo 400 mm/s
  • Print area: Ø 400 – h 670 mm
  • Printing volume: 84 liters

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